Rosina Fleury

Rosina Fleury

DermopigmentationLausanne, Switzerland

A Swiss national of Italian extraction, Rosina is a graduate in business studies. After several years working in commerce, she decided to retrain in a sector that is very close to her heart, dermopigmentation. Ever since her early childhood she has always showed great enthusiasm for painting and drawing. She has even exhibited her oils on canvas on many occasions. With her sympathetic nature and artistic skills, her chosen profession of dermocosmetics was always a natural progression for Rosina. Over the past 15 years, this peerless artist has established her reputation in the field of corrective and aesthetic dermopigmentation in both Switzerland and abroad. She practices from her surgery in Lausanne and at many hospitals and private surgical clinics. She works closely with various departments at the CHUV teaching hospital in Lausanne and many private doctors, clinics, surgeons, gynaecologists and dermatologists also call on her services. Thanks to her well-established reputation, many patients from abroad also request her services, from France, Germany, Italy and even further afield, such as Singapore… She is regularly asked to give speeches at medical conferences in Switzerland and abroad, and to produce expert reports in the field of permanent makeup. She has a deep sensibility for corrective dermopigmentation and particularly favours the psychological approach associated with her activities in order to restore a full sense of femininity to women devastated by breast cancer. She masks the vitiligo, skin discolouration and scars. Patients with burns or those suffering from alopecia or a cleft lip also make use of her services. For many years now she has also been working with transgender patients in order to complete gender reassignment surgery with the all-important subtle details. She is able to enhance the femininity or masculinity of the face through aesthetic pigmentation of the eyebrows, eyes or lips, giving the patient renewed confidence and self-assurance. Aesthetic pigmentation, namely permanent makeup, is also part of her day-to-day work for both women and men who wish to enhance their eyebrows, lips or eyes, as well as those who suffer from tremors or poor eyesight, or to athletes and any others for whom the simple act of applying makeup constitutes a complicated task. Over many years now her expertise and experience in corrective and aesthetic dermopigmentation have been acknowledged by hospitals, doctors and patients. Day in and day out, she attacks her work with both enthusiasm and passion!

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