M Technologies

M Technologies

A company that develops and produces innovative medical and preventive devices based on silicone and textiles. We focus our efforts on development and innovation.

Since 2006, M Technologies has been developing and producing innovative medical and preventive devices using medical silicone and innovative fabrics. We continually enrich our products with innovative ingredients such as vitamin E, arnica and sweet almond oil to:

  • Treat recent and old scars
  • produce post-surgical compression garments

Our products are distributed in many countries all over the world within different brands.

  • Medical devices
    – Treating scars using medical silicone
    * Non-oily and invisible Gel
    * Non-oily, tinted with UV protection
    * Silicone Patches (thin and thick)
    – Vêtement de contention
    * Compression garments
    * Post-surgery panty (liposuction)

  • Preventive devices
    – Maternity support belt

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