Galatea Surgical

Galatea Surgical

GalaFLEX: The next generation in scaffolds for the regeneration of breast tissue

GalaFLEX is a long-lasting bioresorbable scaffold of natural-origin that reinforce, maintain, and elevate tissue with predictable outcomes. It is designed to be used in patients undergoing repair and soft tissue reinforcement in breast surgery where existing tissue is deficient or additional support is need it in cosmetic procedures. Generate new tissue 3-4 times stronger than the native tissue, contributing to the mechanical strength of the repair site. GalaFLEX, naturally broken down to CO2 and H O, with full bioresorption within 24 months. Designed to minimize the risk of infection and encourage a healing response. It can be trimmed to the desired size without concern that the monofilament scaffold frays and causes irritation.

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