Based in Cambrai in the North of France, Cerecare is specialised in the manufacturing of post-operative compression garments: panties or binders after fat harvesting and compressive bras for reconstruction by lipofilling or by Latissimus Dorsi Flap in post-oncology.

Cerecare also make silicone dressings with specific forms (anchors and rings) for breast surgery and hypertrophic scar prevention.

In addition, Cerecare also commercialises a single-use fat collector with a special multi-hole cannula that can be associated with our assisted lipoaspiration devices from the Lipomatic range.

In compliance with the latest European standards, this single-use kit allows to collect, in a closed circuit, fat in some zones of the body and to reinject it, therefore allowing breast reconstruction.

Nathalie VIVIER - Sales Assistant - +33 (0)3 27 83 98 28

780 Rue Blaise Pascal, 59267 Proville, France.

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