BRCA France

BRCA France

When Noëlle Bastide knew she was caring the BRCA1 mutation, she immediately looked for other people with the same condition. She wanted to share this unlucky situation, but also to understand better this gene that was upsetting her entire life and her family’s.

She asked Pascal Pujol, oncogeneticist at the Arnaud de Villeneuve hospital in Montpellier if an organization for BRCA patients existed. When he said no, she decided to create her own. The BRCA FRANCE organization was created in May 2015, with a few patients in Montpellier, France. From the beginning, Pascal Pujol has brought his active support to the organization.

Patients have always been involved: Marie took over the Facebook page and Caroline, already in charge of the successful BRCA forum, joined as well and now participates actively at developing the website.

Today, the organization is more and more successful and we are building a network that’s spreading all over France.

Our missions are multiple: we are looking for to INFORM but also to SUPPORT patients and their relatives.



Postal Address:
4, rue du faubourg Boutonnet, 34090 Montpellier (FRANCE)

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