About PEAK PlasmaBlade™

The PEAK PlasmaBlade™ device is a unique soft tissue dissection instrument that uses very brief pulses of radio frequency energy to induce electrical plasma along the edge of a thin (12.5μm), 99.5% insulated electrode. Due to the low duty cycle and proprietary Thermal Protection Shield (TPS) insulation technology, the PEAK PlasmaBlade™ uses less total energy and operates at significantly lower temperatures than traditional electrosurgical technology – usually associated to significant thermal damage to surrounding soft tissues during dissection and coagulation, which is a critical for plastic and reconstruction procedures.

The PEAK PlasmaBlade™ helps to minimize thermal tissue damage and helps increase efficiency resulting in cost savings for the hospital.

Integrated suction minimize exposure to surgical smoke – well-known for being harmful – and enhanced visibility.

Telescoping shaft (from 5.5cm to 15cm) with locking mechanism for improved stability, enables the surgeon to reach hard-to-access areas and makes the surgical procedure easier.

About V-loc™

The V-Loc™ wound closure device is a revolutionary technology that eliminates the need to tie knots, so you can close incisions up to 50% faster without compromising strength and security. The V-Loc™ device offers secure, fast, and effective incision closure for your patients.

At Medronic, our robust manufacturing and quality testing processes ensure that the innovative products we put in your hands are reliable and user-friendly.

We have been upholding and advancing the standards of effectiveness for sutures for many years. The V-Loc™ device is another example of how our 100-plus years of sutures expertise has introduced some of the industry’s most important innovations. That’s one of the reasons why hospitals around the world count on Medtronic, every day.

About Medtronic
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